LogoGarden Business Cards


Skills: Graphic Design, Web Design, UI/UX, Front-End WP Development, SVN Source Control

LogoGarden is a DIY logo builder website that lets people create a logo design in minutes.  They also offer other products including t-shirts, coffee mugs, outdoor signage, stationery packages ,custom logo brand identity packages to name a few.

As the Senior Graphic Designer for LogoGarden, I worked with clients 1 on 1 who purchased those custom products from the product catalog on the website. I also worked with the marketing team to help design web banners, social media campaigns, email templates, and other assets to help advertise LogoGarden to potential clients.

I was then later on brought on with the task of revamping the website and improving the overall user experience. This included over 30+ pages that needed to be revamped and all the supporting brand assets as well. The website was a bit outdated so my aim, was to create a modern looking web experience with a sense of minimalism and comfort that would attract entrepreneurs from all sorts of different industries.

Check out their website.

LogoGarden symbol displayed on a emerald background. Typography show casing fonts montserrat and raleway. Color wheel displaying magenta and emerald colors with color #hex codes.Computer, tablet, and phone displaying logogarden's website on different devices. Stationery displayed on a wooden background with a lady holding a phone showcasing LogoGarden's homepage. LogoGarden t-shirts displayed over two phones showcasing LogoGarden's websiteLogoGarden poster displayed on a stand
LogoGarden laptop displayed on a magenta backgroundLogoGarden tote bag displayed on magenta background
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