Skipworth photography logo displayed on top of a camera lens.


Skills: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Print Design, Graphic Design

Skipworth is a high-end digital product and lifestyle photography studio. They asked me to design a recognizable logo for their brand that not only would stand out, but would also help present their bold and clean image that their studio achieves in all of their work.

I choose to use neutral and yellow colors for their brand. Yellow invokes creativity and instills optimism and energy. Dark and neutral colors make a great pairing with yellow as they create a since of calmness to achieve overall balance. The symbol was created by combining the letter W, a pattern, and gold. The pattern adds a “skipping” motion to the logo while the yellow invokes the feeling of worth.

Portrait photo of a girl displayed over different shades of black and yellow colored boxes.
Black/white wireframe of the Skipworth logoFutura font typeface showcasing light, medium and bold weights. White/yellow petal flower on a black background. Skipworth Photography branding displayed on several different types of stationery. Pattern of yellow blocks with a black background. Two vertical business cards with skipworth branding. Skipworth embossed logo mark in the background. Curled paper letterhead with Skipworth branding. Hoodie with Skipworth branding over a yellow/black background. Skipworth studios business sign displayed on the side of a building.Skipworth advertisement flyer/poster displayed on the side of a building. Skipworth studios lobby with two posters on the wall of a dog sleeping and the Skipworth logo. Arrow that takes you back to the top of the page.
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