White Dryft Watersports logo


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Graphic Design

DRYFT is a surfing adventure company that hosts yoga and surfing retreats all over the state of NY. They also create hand shaped custom surf boards. The challenge, was to create a logo that best represented the rough and edgy lifestyle of surfing, as well as the calm and tranquil lifestyle of yoga.

I choose to create a symbol based on the trident of Shiva (one of the principal deities of Hinduism). Shiva symbolizes the balancing and calming effect of all Yoga practices. The trident signifies that Shiva upholds all 3 states including waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

The color palette reinforces DRYFT's brand identity with black representing the rough/edgy lifestyle of surfing while the emerald representing the calm/tranquil lifestyle of yoga.

Sketch of the Dryft Watersports logo.
Dryft Watersports logo displayed on a signBag with a string using the Dryft Watersports trident as a pattern. Dryft Watersports logo displayed on a surfboard. Dryft Watersports logo on the back of a surfer 
Dryft Watersports logo displayed on two clothing tags.
Dryft Watersports logo showcasing different colors and the trident symbol. Computer displaying the homepage of Dryft Watersports with stationery underneath. Overhead view of a beach with a surfer riding a weave underneath it. Dryft Watersports alternative logo displayed on a shirt tag. Three Dryft Watersports displayed on a marble texture. Beach in the afternoon with the Dryft Watersports trident displayed on the skeg. Arrow that takes you back to the top of the page.
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